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Chris Pontius
Chris Pontius


Chris Pontius has had roles in McG’s Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle and Rodger Grossman’s What We Do Is Secret.

He is best known for the hit reality series Jackass and its feature film incarnations, in which he plays the role of himself while also going by such nicknames as “Party Boy,” “Chief Roberts,” “Bunny the Lifeguard,” and “Roller Bobby.”

A modern-day romantic barbarian at heart, Mr. Pontius wandered the world and then some back in the early 1990s with only a guitar, skateboard, notebook and pen, and backpack. He would often document spirited tales in the little spiral-bound notebook. These accounts found their way into the subversive pages of Big Brother, the skateboard magazine which in turn funded further tours both in the U.S. and abroad.

A decade later, he grounded himself in Los Angeles. But due to his present scientific obligations hosting the reality series Wildboyz, he and his backpack still spend little time in one place. Wildboyz dispatches Mr. Pontius and Steve-O to exotic lands of wonder, mystery and intrigue – as America’s foremost ambassadors of absurd goodwill.