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Wall Street Journal on Focus at Cannes

Posted May 13, 2009

Wall Street Journal on Focus at Cannes Image

Wall Street Journal article "Cannes Films Bridge an Array of Financing and Foreign Partner" highlights how the tough new economical reality has changed the way this year's films at Cannes were put together. The piece quotes extensively Focus International co-CEO Christian Grasson this new global audience, as well as points to the fact that Focus has more films at Cannes than any other US-based company. Interesting persepctive on gloabl market and the upcoming Focus Film Thirst by Korean master Park Chan-wook, which, as the WSJ points out, "handily beat out Wolverine in South Korea when they both premiered April 30, garnering more than 1 million admissions in comparison to 622,500 for the 20th Century Fox "X-Men" film, according to the Korean Film Council."