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That Green Dress - Could Be Yours!

Posted January 31, 2008

Cecilia Tallis Dress

We blogged last week about the sensation that has been caused by the green dress worn by Keira Knightley in Atonement, which was just voted the Best Film Costume of All Time in a poll in the U.K.

It is therefore extremely exciting for us to tell you that the very same dress Ms. Knightley wore in Atonement will be auctioned off for charity by Focus Features, in association with The Clothes Off Our Back, with the proceeds going to Variety, the children's charity.

Announcing the auction today, Focus CEO James Schamus said, "Atonement is an epic romance that has moved filmgoers, and garnered awards and acclaim, all over the world. As with our previous auction of the two shirts worn in Brokeback Mountain, we are proud to give someone a chance to own a cherished part of a beloved film and in the process benefit the Variety charity."





Cecilia Tallis Evening Dress Design

Jacqueline Durran, who has received an Academy Award nomination for her costume design for Atonement, made the dress — and, because of it's fragility, a few back-ups — especially for Ms. Knightley. "Joe Wright wanted something that would flow because Keira Knightley would have to move around in it," Ms. Durran says. "We picked this specific shade of green for the backless dress, and Keira was involved in the process, so it really was a collaboration."

The auction begins tomorrow, February 1, and will finish on March 1. The bidding is to start at $1000, and you can go to The Clothes Off Our Back website to try and get your very own piece of movie history.

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Heath Ledger Tribute

Posted January 30, 2008

Heath Ledger Tribute

Heath Ledger was a great actor and a wonderful person.

Focus Features CEO James Schamus, who worked with Ledger on Brokeback Mountain, remembers him thusly: "Heath Ledger was a courageous actor, and a great soul. He gave us the gift of sharing his fearless and beautiful love - of his craft, and of all who worked with him - for which all of us will be eternally grateful."

There has been a great outpouring of grief following Ledger's death. Over at The Guardian, there is an extensive collection of writings in response to Ledger's tragic passing, while at the New York Times A.O. Scott has written a piece entitled Prince of Intensity With a Lightness of Touch. Time magazine also offer their thoughts, while Christopher Nolan, the director of Ledger's last completed film, The Dark Knight, shares his memories in Charisma as Natural as Gravity over at Newsweek. Film critics have also been very vocal in paying their respects, and there are remembrances online from Joe Baltake, Dennis Harvey, Premiere's Glenn Kenny, and the staff at Cinematical. In the blogosphere, Nathaniel at Film Experience gives a personal response to Ledger's death, and Gawker collects together YouTube clips of some of his finest acting moments.

We welcome you to leave your thoughts, comments and tributes to him below.

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That Green Dress

Posted January 25, 2008

That Green Dress

While Atonement has been winning Golden Globes and garnering seven Oscar nominations, there has also been a lot of talk about the costumes in the film (for which Jacqueline Durran is Oscar-nominated.) A particular point of focus has been "that green dress" that Keira Knightley so memorably wears in the film, which was voted the "Best Film Costume of All Time" in a poll conducted by the Sky Movies TV channel and In Style magazine.

USA Today also recently wrote this piece on Ms. Knightley's dress in which Treena Lombardo, W magazine's fashion market director, talks about Atonement's couture ("the sartorial embodiment of drama") and how the contemporary follower of fashion can adopt Ms. Knightley's look for today's styles. Frock Stars, a piece in Ireland's Independent newspaper additionally looks at the dress in the context of fashion in the movies.

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