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Focus Features works to spread environmental consciousness throughout our company's offices globally and to each individual. We hope you enjoy our "FOCUS ON GREEN" blog where we share ideas and tips for how we can get involved and become more environmentally responsible.

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Amtrak Accolade

Posted September 29, 2010

There is no doubt that most people would think of driving or flying when they have to move far distances, but does anyone think of taking a train?  Trains are over 20% more energy efficient per pasenger than the equivalent of a car or airplane and Amtrak is making rail travel even more green with their Auto Train.  The Auto Train can transport up to 370 automobiles along with their passengers. This saves passengers money on gas and time potentially stuck in traffic, as well as erases the effect of the greenhouse gases. Put another way, the amount of greenhouse gasses reduced each year using the Auto Train is equivalent to taking 3,478 cars off the road for a full year!

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An Eco-Friendly Fall

Posted September 27, 2010

Fall has officially arrived! The leaves may be changing colors, but it’s still important to think green. When it comes to apples, pumpkins, cider, or any other autumn delicacy, consider buying organically from a local farm. Choosing to buy food locally cuts down on transportation costs and lowers the output of environmentally harmful emissions. Plus, eating organically is a great way to stay clear of dangerous chemicals and pesticides frequently used as preservatives. Check out LocalHarvest.com to research local farmers in your community.

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Mistreating Meat

Posted September 09, 2010

We all know that fast food is never the healthiest option, but a NY Times article suggests that window cleaning chemicals, which contain ammonia, are injected into beef in order to kill ecoli. Ingesting ammonia is no doubt bad for your health, but it also has detrimental effects to the environment.  It is very toxic to aquatic animals, found in acid rain, and contributes to soil acidification. Instead of buying unhealthy fast food, opt for fresh organic food, void of harmful chemicals.

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Green & Fit!

Posted September 09, 2010

There’s a lot of pressure to stay in shape; do it the fun and green way! Try to stay off the electric machines and opt for a run, bike, or walk outside. On rainy days, weight training and yoga make perfect indoor substitutes.  All you need are a mat, weights, and a little bit of space. No matter which option you choose, remember to wear eco-friendly gear!

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