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Focus Features works to spread environmental consciousness throughout our company's offices globally and to each individual. We hope you enjoy our "FOCUS ON GREEN" blog where we share ideas and tips for how we can get involved and become more environmentally responsible.

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Befriending Your Co-Workers…and Your Environment

Posted October 20, 2009

The office that works well together stays together! At Focus, we understand that healthy relationships amongst our employees lead to higher productivity in the workplace. Encouraging your employees to carpool to work could help build office relationships and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions! Each year, the average American contributes 27 tons of carbon dioxide into the air. Simply sharing a ride to work can easily reduce this statistic. So why not help the environment and your office dynamic at the same time? Start carpooling today!

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The Smart Way to Go

Posted October 13, 2009


As mentioned earlier, our London, NY and LA offices switched from using incandescent light bulbs to using much more environmentally friendly light bulbs. But this isn’t the only energy saving method we’ve adopted! Our offices have started using Smart Strips, power strips that end up saving energy and money. Did you know your computer still uses energy when it’s turned off? This type of energy is called “idle current,” and like it or not, we have to pay for it. This can happen even while your phone charger is left plugged in. The Smart Strip prevents the idle current from running, saving our offices 73% of energy. This way, our computers are only using power during our regular office hours. Paying for itself in only six weeks, this is an easy and affordable method to help make your home or office a greener environment!

For more information visit: Smart House USA

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Liquid Wood

Posted October 09, 2009

Sounds pretty crazy right?  Yet thanks to German scientists, liquid wood is a real prospect to replace plastic!  While most plastics are made from petroleum, this alternative is constructed from renewable raw materials, like stray pieces of wood and paper waste, combined with fibers and wax.  The mixture can then be molded just like plastic.  Not only is liquid wood eco-friendly to make, it can be recycled up to five times!  The Ford Motor Company is now exploring the possibility of using liquid wood in their car interiors and engines.  Can you think of opportunities for liquid wood?

Keep trying to reduce plastic use and be on the lookout for liquid wood!

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Put a Cork in It

Posted October 02, 2009

Bulletin Board

Focus Features, like many companies, has a bulletin board in the office. It’s centrally located by the kitchen where there is heavy foot traffic. Focus On Green recently commandeered the board to post easy tips for going Green, like unplugging unused electronics and buying from your local farmer’s market. Then one of our interns (Annalisa) mentioned that she made her own bulletin board from old corks! She reassures me it took a substantial time to collect them all. Consider making a cork bulletin board of Green tips for your home and office (just make sure to pace the collection process)!

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