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Anton Corbijn is widely known as an influential portrait photographer, having worked with numerous musicians, painters, directors, actors, and writers over the last 35 years. There have been more than 10 books of his work published since 1989. He also works as a graphic designer, a stage-designer and as a director of about 80 music videos and shorts since 1983. 2007 saw the release of his first feature film, CONTROL, which won him many awards.


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Posted June 21, 2010

People sometimes ask me when hearing I make movies whether "I feel blessed" and this photograph (taken with my camera by our set photographer Giles Keyte) seems to suggest a positive answer. Sure I feel blessed but it looks like I need all the help I can get. Paolo Bonacelli is the man on the left, helping me out on his lunch break. I am the guy on the right trying to get some help. I think it is working.

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George Clooney On The Set

Posted June 07, 2010


Sometimes my work is so serious people assume not only that I am too but also that my work surroundings are like that. Not so, especially not with George Clooney around. He keeps everyone's spirits high in between takes. The above photograph shows him playing music from his ipod thru a megaphone and himself and Thekla moving and grooving to it. The one below is taken a few seconds before we roll but GC will never be not be ready when the camera is switched on. It amazed me really.


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