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The Real Places of Jane Eyre's World

Posted February 24, 2011 to photo album "The Real Places of Jane Eyre's World"

Jane Eyre’s production designer Will Hughes-Jones and location manager Giles Edleston worked hard to find just the right places to capture the romantic landscape of Charlotte Brontë’s masterpiece.

The Moor House
The Moor House (2)
Thornfield Hall
Thornfield Hall, after the fire
Jane's School
Thornfield Hall Country Side
The Moors
The Moors (2)
The Moor House (2)

The Moor House (2)

Actual Place: White Edge Lodge

The White Edge Lodge on White Edge Moor is perfectly situated to bring Charlotte Brontë’s vision of St. John Rivers and his sisters’ rural world to life: “They clung to the purple moors behind and around their dwelling--to the hollow vale into which the pebbly bridle-path leading from their gate descended, and which wound between fern-banks first, and then amongst a few of the wildest little pasture-fields that ever bordered a wilderness of heath, or gave sustenance to a flock of grey moorland sheep, with their little mossy- faced lambs:––they clung to this scene, I say, with a perfect enthusiasm of attachment.”