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Artists Using Film, from Dali to Mills

Posted June 16, 2011 to photo album "Artists Using Film, from Dali to Mills"

Mike Mills, the writer/director of Beginners, started as graphic artists. Many other artists have turned to film to expand and evolve their vision.

Mike Mills as Artist and Filmmaker
The Artist as Film Camera
Andy Warhol: Hollywood as Subject
Andy Warhol: Film as Concept
The Artist Takes on Moving
The Artist Takes on Moving
The Artist as Film Camera

The Artist as Film Camera

But not just moviemaking featured in Situationist practice; there was a place in Situationism for movie viewing. In one of the movement’s most beguiling concepts, that of the derive, participants are encouraged to cut loose from their habitual notions of time and scheduling and to drift through the city, randomly and unmotivated, allowing the “psychogeography” of its architecture and city plan to create a new sensory and aesthetic experience. Part of this drift can include a stop into a movie theater, as long as it is unplanned, you enter in the middle, you don’t stay to the end, and you detourne the film you’re seeing by imagining its characters are people other than who they are represented as being.