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Jess Gonchor: Production Design in Action

Posted January 06, 2010 to photo album "Jess Gonchor: Production Design in Action"

The designer of the Coen brothers’ A Serious Man shows us how he works.

Slide 1: Jess Gonchor, Production Designer
Slide 2: A Serious Man
Slide 3: A Serious Man
Slide 4: Burn After Reading
Slide 5: No Country For Old Men
Slide 6: Away We Go
Slide 7: Production Design as storytelling
Slide 7: Production Design as storytelling

Slide 7: Production Design as storytelling

Gonchor perceives production design as a form of story telling. “As a production designer you have to support the story,” he explains, “and make it exciting without going over the top. In each film, I take the same approach. How do I pull an audience an hour and half and two hour movie without upstaging the story? Of course, in the Coen brothers’ movies you can push it, but at one point, just before you are about to going over the top, you have to step back, and look at it and say, ‘That’s enough.’”