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Taking Woodstock Red Carpet, 29 July 2009, NYC

Posted July 30, 2009 to photo album "Taking Woodstock Red Carpet, 29 July 2009, NYC"

Torrential ran greeted the filmmakers and friends of Ang Lee’s sixties reverie Taking Woodstock. Invites urged all to wear Woodstock-themed dress. Obviously Nature got the note since it rained at Woodstock too.

Slide 1: The Premiere
Slide 2: The Director
Slide 3: The Star
Slide 4: The Producer/Screenwriter
Slide 6: The Co-Star
Slide 7: The Real-Life Inspiration
Slide 8: Trapped
Slide 9: The Promoter
Slide 10: Un-cross-dressed
Slide 11: "Chip Munck" and Friend
Slide 12: Broadway on Houston
Slide 13: Fashion First
Slide 14: Hippie Whip
Slide 3: The Star

Slide 3: The Star

The star of Taking Woodstock, Demetri Martin.