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Hanna's Spree Park and Other Haunted Amusement Parks

Posted March 24, 2011 to photo album "Hanna's Spree Park and Other Haunted Amusement Parks"

Germany’s surreal Spree Park gets a cameo in Hanna. But it’s just one of dozens abandoned amusement parks that people still visit.

Spree Park (Berlin, Germany)
Six Flags (New Orleans, LA)
The Prehistoric Forest (Irish Hills, MI)
The Rocky Point Amusement Park (Warwick, RI)
Dogpatch USA (Marble Falls, AR)
Glen Echo Amusement Park (Glen Echo, MD)
Katoli World (Taichung, Taiwan)
Prypiat Amusement Park (Prypiat, Ukraine)
Takakanonuma Greenland Park (Hobara, Japan)
Six Flags (New Orleans, LA)

Six Flags (New Orleans, LA)

Opened in 2000, Six Flags New Orleans hoped to pick up some of the city’s large tourist trade. But in 2005, Katrina hit. Located in the eastern part of the city, the park was nearly completed submerged by the ensuing flood, with the long-term effect being that nearly 80% of the rides were destroyed.  In 2006, faced with impossible repair costs, Six Flags attempted to void its 75-year lease with the city of New Orleans. But the then-mayor Ray Nagin fought back, insisting that the park had to be rebuilt to its former state. As such, the deserted the park has been caught in legal battles between the city, Six Flags and insurance companies. In the meantime, photographers and urban explorers have bypassed the chained-up gates, trying to catch for all posterity its post-apocalyptic state. Time magazine produced a slide show called  "The Surreal Remains of Six Flags New Orleans” that explores the new park, and the Web Urbanist has curated a page called Uber Creepy Tour: Abandoned Six Flags New Orleans with 69 stunning images.