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Bruno Coulais

Posted May 13, 2010 to photo album "Bruno Coulais"

Meet the man who wrote the music for the Focus Features movies Babies and Coraline.

The Conservatory
The Cesars
Instruments and Coraline
Instruments and Coraline

Instruments and Coraline

If there’s one thing that distinguishes a Coulais score it’s his inventive, unusual instrumentation. For Henry Selick’s Coraline, Coulais employed an instrument known as the “water phone” along with Chinese and toy instruments to create the scary other world of the Other Mother. He’s also fond of using choirs — particularly children’s choirs — in unusual, sometimes frightening ways. “When you are very young, it’s the age of terror, of fear, so I think in movies when you use something very close to a childhood you create a fear, and a fantasy,” he says. Another unusual thing about Coulais: unlike many composers, he writes his own orchestrations. “It’s important for me to write my own orchestrations because when I think of melody, I think of it with the instruments I’ll write with,” he says. “I love to write orchestrations.”