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People in Film | Anton Corbijn

Posted July 21, 2010 to photo album "People in Film | Anton Corbijn"

From making videos for U2 to a featue film about Joy Division to a thriller with George Clooney, Anton Corbijn expands his creative sphere.

Anton Corbijn, Director of The American
Anton Corbijn, A Member of the Band
Anton Corbijn, Beyond the Music
Anton Corbijn, A Man in Control
Anton Corbijn, Truly Blessed
Anton Corbijn, A Man in Control

Anton Corbijn, A Man in Control

When Corbijn chose to make his directorial debut with Control, it was very fitting given that it was Joy Division’s music that initially inspired him to pursue a career as a photographer in the U.K. In an interview with Filmmaker magazine, he talked about his surprise at the massive positive response this very personal film received: “To be asked to open the [Directors’ Fortnight] at Cannes was amazing and then to get the reaction [the film] did was unexpected for me. I had no idea that film was such a massive industry. When you walk in Cannes... in photography that does not exist, let’s put it that way! So that really overpowered me, and it’s just been beautiful. You make the film you want to make, so you love what you’re doing, and when you send it out into the world you’re just lucky that people want to see it and react as well as they do.”