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Artists Using Film, from Dali to Mills

Posted June 16, 2011 to photo album "Artists Using Film, from Dali to Mills"

Mike Mills, the writer/director of Beginners, started as graphic artists. Many other artists have turned to film to expand and evolve their vision.

Mike Mills as Artist and Filmmaker
The Artist as Film Camera
Andy Warhol: Hollywood as Subject
Andy Warhol: Film as Concept
The Artist Takes on Moving
The Artist Takes on Moving
Andy Warhol: Film as Concept

Andy Warhol: Film as Concept

Other Warhol films included the short Blow-Job — a study of a man’s face receiving oral sex — and Empire, an eight-hour study of the Empire State Building at night. His classic 1966 film Chelsea Girls gathered many of his superstars for a series of performance-oriented and psychologically charged vignettes, juxtaposed with each other by dual 16mm projection. Later, Warhol would move away from such overtly experimental works and, acting as a producer, handed the camera to Paul Morrissey, who made more narrative tales of the underground (Flesh, Trash, Heat) and, later, arty B-movie riffs on classic horror (Andy Warhol’s Dracula, Flesh for Frankenstein).  Summing up Warhol’s film career, critic David Bourdon wrote, “More talked about than seen, more emulated than admired, Andy Warhol's films will probably survive as legends rather than as living classics that people will want to see again and again. Currently, there is a fairly broad consensus that he is among the most important, provocative and influential filmmakers of the sixties…. to art and cinema connoisseurs.”