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September 16
El Mariachi February 26, 1994
El Mariachi opens

"If Robert Rodriguez didn't exist, independent filmmakers would have to invent him," wrote Peter Broderick in Filmmaker magazine about the director's first feature, El Mariachi, which opened in theaters on February 26, 1994. The film was famously made by the 23-year-old filmmaker for a budget of $7,225, crewed by his brother and sister, and with funding Rodriguez raised from a series of medical testing procedures he enrolled himself in. A rare indie action film, El Mariachi was an early example of the "no-budget movie," a film made for a tiny fraction of a Hollywood film and which impresses viewers with the ingenuity of its filmmaking solutions. Said Rodriguez at the time, "The nice thing about making a movie by yourself is that you can take credit for any aspect of it anyone likes."

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The Most Dangerous Game September 16, 1932
The Most Dangerous Game released

Months before King Kong had its premiere in March 1933, RKO released another thriller, The Most Dangerous Game, which was shot alongside the big ape epic.

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Sep. 16, 1952
Mickey Rourke born

With his early roles in Body Heat, Diner, The Pope of Greenwich Village and Rumblefish, Mickey Rourke — born September 16, 1952 in Schenectady, New York — exploded on the Hollywood scene as a new kind of movie star.

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Sept 16, 1964
Drawing for Dollars

It took an Italian director with an operatic scope to reinvent the most American of genres––the Western.

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