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the film Beginners.

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Dear Strangers, now in NY and starting this Friday in Los Angeles, there is out in the world and our collective consciousness an extremely brave and subtle and mysterious film that I find wonderfully, life-affirmingly hard to describe: I think it’s about hope and fear, all the things we desire but don’t believe we can have and all the monsters these contradictions make inside ourselves –  interior monsters that sometimes come out and run around in our worlds. A film that’s delightfully not afraid to reach beyond what is “possible” in the world, deftly combining things so real and things so otherworldly that it makes one wonder how solid those categories ever were. Beyond being my dear wife, MJ is one of most brave and singular and funny and utterly surprising filmmakers there is. After LA is added to NYC this weekend it will work its way out into the world from there. Run, don’t walk; support small films on their opening weekends because those weekends kind of determine their fate! But most of all enjoy a voice that is just so other from what our entertainment industry provides!