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Setting the Soundtrack Straight Image

Setting the Soundtrack Straight

As soon as the trailer for Jim Jarmusch’s new film The Limits of Control was released, the Internet lit up with questions and excitement. At Yahoo Answers, Dave C. wanted to know about the trailer’s “grifty music ! anyone knows what it is???Pleez Help !”  Many jumped in to help Dave C.  Some bloggers pointed to the Playlist post which notes “according to the trailer credits for The Limits Of Control, Japanese all-embracing metal band Boris have written music for the film. Or at least the credit says, "with music by Boris," which suggests the film does more than use their old songs, but stops short of saying they wrote the score.”

While the Japanese trip Boris wrote and performed much of the music in the film, the trailer music (which is also in the film) was actually written by the director Jim Jarmusch himself. And it was performed by a band composed of Jarmusch (electric guitars, baritone guitar), Carter Logan (drums, percussion) and Shane Stoneback (carillon, organ).

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